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We aim to use behavioral science to positively impact the lives of those needing support to live more happily and independently on their own terms. 

Our core principles are: 

  1. Letting Clients Lead: We learn what needs to be prioritized by listening to our clients.

  2. Practicing with Empathy: We assess and intervene with empathy and compassion, and always consider our clients' needs first. 

  3. Relying on Science:  We rely on evidence-based practices and data to guide our therapy recommendations. 

  4. Working Together: We work collaboratively with others to develop functional and practical solutions. 

  5. Cultural Awareness: We approach training and therapy with the understanding that these processes must include awareness and prioritizing of relevant cultural factors. 

  6. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: We aim to increase diversity and inclusion of qualified behavior analytic professionals, as well as increase equity in access to therapy for underserved populations. 

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Essential Behavior Group, LLC was founded in 2020. Our founder has more than 14 years providing behavior analytic services in a variety of applied settings. We believe in the science that powers our field, but more than that, we believe in implementing that science with empathy, compassion, and a commitment to letting the client lead the way. We aim to serve our clients by allowing their voices to be the most important one in the therapy relationship.

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We provide a range of applied behavior analytic services in applied settings (e.g., home, community, and schools). This includes direct therapy, caregiver guidance, professional consultation and training in school and community settings, and training experience for those seeking BACB certification. 

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