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Executive Director

Meet our founder! Erica has more than 14 years of experience in the field of behavior analysis, and has been a Board Certified Behavior Analyst since 2012. Erica has a wide range of experience working in homes, schools, clinics and community settings in various direct service, training, and leadership roles. Erica's clinical expertise and practical approach to therapy provides the foundation for obtaining excellent clinical outcomes. Her specific clinical interests include verbal behavior, functional analyses, training, and school consultation. Erica is a wife and mother of two wonderful children. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, reading, and enjoying time with her family. 

"I believe that the most important part of providing effective therapy is listening to the wants and needs of clients and their families. Having my own kids shaped me to be a more empathetic clinician and compassionate leader. The loudest voice in the room must be that of the clients I serve; if not, I am not doing my job well."

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